Like Shadows In Grey Rivers

by Strangeweather

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You can download the album for free if you enter $0 when prompted. It is really important to us that anyone can have access to our music whether they have money to spare or not, and we appreciate the support. However, we cannot even begin to explain the massive amounts of work and personal expense that went into making this album entirely DIY, so please know that every financial contribution is deeply appreciated. makes a real difference, and empowers us to continue making music.

<3 - Strangeweather


released May 23, 2013

Sarah Ann Lachner – Vocals, acoustic Guitar, Flute, Glockenspiel
Brenna Sahatjian – Vocals, Cello, Mountain Dulcimer
Joshum – Vocals, Electrick Guitar, Electrick Bass, Electrick Mandolin, Percussion

Recorded by Joshum in the basement of The Bullet, Jan – May 2013
Mastered by Christopher Buckingham

Cover logo design by Joshum –

Insert artwork by Sarah Ann Lachner

We would like to send thanks to all of our friends for inspiring us, supporting us, believing in us, and encouraging us to follow our hearts.

Special thanks to residents of The Bullet (Gwen, Tim, Lex, Shriber) for putting up with our racket. Thanks to Ben, Brian, Megan, and Jim of the Slow Year Haus for your kindness, encouragement and living room. Thanks also to Ellen, Gudrik, and Zac for your posi-vibes, documentation, and support.



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Strangeweather Portland, Oregon

Strangeweather began in 2010 as a long distance collaboration between part time and full time members of the anarcha-folk outfit, Slow Teeth. In summer 2012, enough members of this elusive collaboration were assembled in thee same city to bring the project out of hiding. ... more

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Track Name: Mourning Sun
Brace for the dawn, grey winter will end.
For spring, too, must come, with the sun in it's wings.
Close your eyes and picture the sun.
Remember a world bursting with light.
Reach ashen limbs to the blossoming sky,
for winter will end, surrendered to light.
Morning sun come bright as we rise.
Blinding light come cover your eyes.
Track Name: We Tried to Put Our Feet to Ground, But Lost Our Legs Unto The Flux
I can feel your heart is pounding
As these graves run deep surrounding
Can you feel the earth is shaking?
Do you feel that things are changing?

Blood runs thin now walls are cracking
Demons dance when no one’s watching
Can you see the mask is breaking?
Do you feel that things are changing?

Thunder cracking ashes falling
Engines failing spirits calling
As the sun falls light descending
Do you feel that things are changing?
Track Name: Ill Made Knights
You're already gone, far away.
So why should we bother pining for what might have been?
We don't need a reason to stay here.
Track Name: Converge
Our fingers clasped as you left this world
Releasing breath and thoughts unheard
The void you left created more
No reason to fret it did not hurt
But one day you will return in rain,
and one day you will converge with me.

As tears fell they warmed the sides of our cheeks
With beeping drums of your life machines
Displaying words you could not speak
Your eyes they closed so slowly
But one day you will return in rain,
and one day you will converge with me.

As dusk fell the air felt warm and bleak
A hazy fog to rest our feet
As change rippled through our family
New life was given we could not see.
Track Name: Crystalline
I don't have a crystal ball but if I did it wouldn't tell the future.
But I'd have a fistful of sloppy notes from studying the past in the crystal.
I'd see us in there trying not to break because we believed the lore
that taught us we were fragile things, as if we didn't have a core.
I'd see us in there shattering, glass bark ground to powder,
cold air hits the heartwood and the sap flows,
wants to stick it back together.
Crystalline trees, songs fall like leaves,
and I never knew you until your roots were under my boots.
That bumpy bark reflecting my thousand eyes reflecting
that I never knew you until the heartwood and sap shown through.
But that took a break in that cloudy crystal skin,
and it takes us breaking until we see we do grow again.
And this grove is quaking aspen shimmering and shaking
with the music we're making, hearts fluttering and breaking.
Faking a million smiles I tried shaking you awake.
Flaking a million times and making sad mistakes.
Hurting so casually you were flirting with the pain.
Learning nothing from it and so it was all in vain.
Track Name: Katy
Come back Katy
Come back safely
We know the way our blood flows
We know the way back home

I’ve seen his face around here
In cottonwood and deer hair
It lingers in the cold
but anger will not freeze us
It’s stronger than our words
They only bind and chain us.

We know the way back home
We know the way our hearts grow
Track Name: Midnight Sun
Here's to all that you can see
from the furthest edge of things.
The places we crawl
to try to find our wings.

I'm drunk on the stars
only deserts can see.
And I just wish that you
could share this loneliness with me.